Which body height does the VELLO Bike fit?

VELLO Bikes are designed to fit cyclists of almost any body height from 150cm up to 210cm. For taller people starting at approx. 190cm and above, we recommend equipping the bike with the 600mm seat post (instead of the standard 500mm seat posts). Ultimately, it’s not about the body height but the inseam length. That’s why we highly recommend to test drive the VELLO Bike and have it adjusted individually. Some customers may prefer sitting upright on their VELLO Bike. In this case, we would recommend getting the longer front stem.


Which tires can be mounted onto the VELLO Bike?

VELLO Bikes are delivered with Schwalbe Marathon 1.5 or Kojak 1.35 tires (both E.T.R.T.O. 406. Tires with up to 2.10 width (e.g. Crazy Bob, Big Apple) can be mounted.
Note: VELLO Bike frames allow wheels with an E.T.R.T.O. diameter of 451 (larger 20 inch).


How can I take the VELLO Bike along into public transport?

The VELLO Bike folded size is: H 57cm x L 79cm x B 29cm when folded, and it can fit in a large suitcase. VELLO Bike can be easily taken along in trains, trams, subways, commuter trains, ICE, buses, airplanes*.
For the transportation of the VELLO Bike we additionally offer a transport bag as an accessory.


Can I take the VELLO Bike+ into the airplane?

*All non-electric VELLO models can be easily transported on an airplane. For transporting your VELLO Bike+ (electric model), please contact your airline in advance since airlines may have various regulations for e-bikes.  Some airlines allow to take the dismantled rear wheels along in the cabin luggage because the battery capacity doesn’t exceed 160Wh. Special conditions apply though and we would recommend to read through the airline's regulations carefully before taking the VELLO Bike along for air transport. It would also be possible to take the wheel off and to replace it with a non-electric wheel.

Why is the frame of the VELLO Bike made from chromoly instead of aluminium?

Chromoly or aluminium? When it came to the development of the VELLO Bike we focused on a perfect balance between light weight, high stability, long durability and maximum riding comfort. With the use of high quality chromoly we combined these properties. Furthermore chromoly absorbs shocks better than aluminium and as such, the VELLO Bike doesn’t need heavy suspension elements (as opposed to aluminium frames). The use of remarkably thin-walled double-butted tubes allows additional weight reductions. Our VELLO Bike+ in titanium is even lighter than our chromoly steel frame but with the same/better qualities as steel.  The titanium version strikingly shows how light weight an electric folding bike can be while providing a highly dynamic and comfortable riding experience at the same time.


What makes VELLO Bikes so special and why should I buy one?

1) VELLO Bikes are ultralight. Starting from 8,9kg for the standard and from 11,9kg for the electric version.

2) VELLO Bikes are folded and unfolded within seconds thanks to the sophisticated, patented folding system. A very strong magnet connects the rear wheel to the frame. This connecting component without screws also houses the bicycle’s rear suspension element.

3) VELLO Bikes have a single-piece and hinge-free signature frame.  The only folding joint on the VELLO Bike is at the same time a suspension for the bike, thereby helping to absorb shocks better. Thus losses in force transmissions are kept to a minimum, and the driving properties are highly improved in comparison to regular folding bikes. Thanks to the stiff and the sturdy frame, the VELLO Bike offers the best performance for everyday commuting and leisure time.  

4) The electric version does not have any extra cables and the three-in-one hub fits seamlessly into the clean and elegant design of the bike. VELLO is the first folding bike using the special KERS-technology allowing super-efficient recharging and thereby the possibility to ride forever without the need to plug it into the socket. With this new technology, the VELLO BIKE+ is a smart electric bike and at the same time one of the lightest in its class.

VELLO Bike has integrated safety lights for better visibility - thus no more stolen lights and ready to be used at any time.

VELLO Bike has an award-winning design with an uncompromising riding performance suitable for daily use. The details of the VELLO Bike shows the developer's love for bikes and design.
VELLO Bike is designed and built in Vienna, Austria.

VELLO Bikes are available in 6 different variations to fit one's personal style and intended use (rocky paths, pavements, uphill). All VELLO Bikes have the same compact folding mechanism.

VELLO Urbano: Maximum riding comfort / everyday commuting / Shimano Claris 8-speed derailleur
VELLO Rocky: All city-terrain folding bike / trekking bike components / Shimano XT 10-speed derailleur
VELLO Speedster: Aerodynamic folding racing-bike /  Shimano 105 10-speed derailleur
VELLO Bike+: First and lightest folding e-bike with K.E.R.S.-technology (self-charging)

How does the self-charging technology work with the K.E.R.S.-System?

VELLO Bike+ is equipped with a 250W motor and a 160Wh battery.
A huge difference to conventional e-bikes are the 4 sensors and the intelligent motor management that facilitates super-efficient self-charging. There are 2 sensors more than on any other known e-bike system. One of these sensors recognizes the slightest slopes to start the energy recuperation or to provide assistance. The second sensor activates the highest level of energy recuperation and amplifies the braking power when the pedals are turned backwards. Another sensor measures the acceleration force so that energy can be recuperated whilst braking. There is also a sensor to measure the pedaling torque to start energy recuperation and charge the battery e.g. in case of tailwind.


How can I charge the VELLO Bike+?

An electric charging socket is hidden elegantly in the rear axle and enables you to charge the VELLO Bike+ with a compact and light weight power adaptor (similar to the ones used to charge notebooks). The VELLO Bike+ batteries are fully charged within 3 hours. The hub includes the battery, electronics and motor all in one, so there is no extra battery pack attached to the frame.


What is the range of the VELLO Bike+?

VELLO Bike+ has 6 driving modes:
Turbo-Mode:  More support than with a conventional e-bike with the full 250W support and a range of approx. 50km.
E-bike mode: Gives the same support as a conventional pedelec with a range of 80km.
Eco-mode: 3 more modes with 110-180km range.
Bike+ (theoretically self-charging): its own pedaling power gets doubled by the hybrid-system of the motor. When driving round-trip (and up and down a hill for example), then the  charging level of the battery stays the same.  


Is a gear shift available for the VELLO Bike+?

Thanks to the intelligent motor control, the VELLO Bike+ doesn’t need a gear shift at speeds from 0-25km/h. Even slopes up to 8% (very rare in urban areas) can be handled without problems. We additionally offer a 2-gear-transmission to ride mechanically over 25km/h at a comfortable cadence.  It’s an ultra-flat planetary transmission (Schlumpf High Speed Drive) mounted on the bottom bracket like a chainwheel with a transmission ratio of 1:1,65. The VELLO Bike+ is a Pedelec. The electrical assistance of the motor will start as soon as the cyclist starts pedaling and will stop when the pedals aren’t turning anymore.


Can I ride the VELLO Bike+ without using the smartphone app?

For the initial setup of the VELLO Bike+ and choosing the driving modes, a connection between smartphone/tablet and the VELLO Bike+ via bluetooth is required. The system will save the chosen settings and can then be operated without Bluetooth-connection. To start the system, the cyclist then has to accelerate to about 10km/h and pedal backwards 3 times. The VELLO Bike+ will stay activated for 5 minutes when not driven and then shut down automatically. The connection between smartphone/tablet and the VELLO Bike+ is therefore only needed for initial setup and changing the driving modes, activating the electrical engine, locking the wheel, and tracking the driving data.


Which operating systems does the app of the VELLO Bike+ work with?

At the time of writing (September 2017), the app works with Bluetooth 2.3, Android 4.2 and later and with iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6s, 6 plus.


Is there a transport bag available for the VELLO Bike?

A fitting transport bag for safe and clean transportation and storage of the VELLO Bike will be available shortly.


How can I carry my luggage or bags with the VELLO Bike?

Front and rear racks are available. The front rack is easily mounted with a quick-mount mechanism. With a load capacity for up to 7kg it’s a good solution for smaller luggage. Our separately available VELLO day pack should suit the needs. The front rack is not foldable and won't get in the way when the bike is folded, plus it will also not interfere with the steering. For heavier luggage and panniers, we recommend to equip the VELLO bike with the foldable rear rack that can carry loads of up to 18kg. It elegantly folds with the VELLO bike and doesn’t affect the folded size.


Which accessories are available for the VELLO Bike?

The accessories range of the VELLO Bike will be continuously extended.
Currently available are:

1) VELLO foldable mudguards (set of 2) for front and rear mount. The folded size is not affected by the mudguards.

2) VELLO front rack (rigid) with quick-mount mechanism; load capacity 7kg

3) VELLO day pack for the front rack

4) VELLO rear rack (foldable) with 18kg load capacity. The folding measurements are not affected by the rack.

5) VELLO transport bag

6) VELLO kick stand

7) Bike lock

8) Bell

How long is the warranty on the VELLO Bike?

VELLO Bikes have a 5 year warranty on the frame and fork. The motor of the VELLO Bike+ has a 2 year warranty and the battery 1 year (or 1.000 charging cycles).


What can I do if my VELLO Bike needs to get repaired?

The VELLO Bike can be maintained and repaired by any VELLO retailer or qualified specialist workshop. The replacement of the battery of the VELLO Bike+ must be carried out by an authorized VELLO retailer to obtain warranty.


How can I replace the battery of the VELLO Bike+?

The VELLO Bike+ is equipped with state-of-the-art Li-ion batteries (29,6V, 160Wh) which will last for a minimum of 3.000 charging cycles (equivalent to 90.000km). When it needs to be replaced, then it should be carried out by an authorized VELLO retailer in order for it to be within the terms of the warranty. The replacement of the battery can be done by any authorized VELLO workshop.

Technical support for the 3in1 drive:

If a problem with the 3in1 drive occurs please contact your VELLO retailer in the first place.

The VELLO team is at your disposal for further support: